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    Beefing Up Local Cattle August 12, 2014
What corn-fed and grass-fed livestock actually eat . . . A grass-fed cattle ranch brings to mind an old Western movie. A modern feedlot is more like a dose of reality p ... More

World Crops For Locavores August 9, 2012
Vineland researchers grow ‘ethno-cultural’ vegetables . . . Want to know what’s cropping up in Ontario agriculture? Check the Vineland Research and Innova ... More

Milking the Experience June 28, 2012
My close encounters with dairy cows . . . I’m afraid of cows. I have this irrational fear that they will trample me. I’m okay with snakes, spiders, mic ... More

A Good Death October 31, 2011
Humane animal husbandry makes meat tastes better . . . Farm animals end up at the abattoir. That’s a fact most modern carnivores don’t like to think about. ... More


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Beefing Up Local Cattle

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Milking the Experience

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