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    Presto! Mayo in a Minute July 31, 2015
How to make fuss-free, foolproof mayonnaise and aioli  . . . . What if I said you could make thick, luscious, fluffy, foolproof homemade mayonnaise in a mere minute? ... More

Do You Believe in Miracles? January 23, 2015
Shirataki noodles are carb-free, fat-free and full of fibre . . . Do you believe in miracle noodles? I won’t lie. Eating shirataki can make me feel like I am ... More

My Gravy Train October 10, 2014
The Fords may not approve, but I make lots, in advance . . . .  Mayor Rob Ford was always badmouthing “the gravy.” Sorry, Mr. Mayor, sometimes you jus ... More

Beefing Up Local Cattle August 12, 2014
What corn-fed and grass-fed livestock actually eat . . . A grass-fed cattle ranch brings to mind an old Western movie. A modern feedlot is more like a dose of reality p ... More

My Vegetarian Adventure April 30, 2014
I've evolved from a carefree eater to a careful eater . . . When I first started dating my husband-to-be, he was a vegetarian. Close friends would tease him mercile ... More

Windup Bird Takes Off March 28, 2014
Most restaurants just want to feed you. A select few want to nourish you. The Windup Bird Café is in the second group. This new community hub in my ’hood a ... More

My Month as a Vegan March 17, 2014
Real food tastes real good after four-week juice fast . . . Part 1: Indigestion at the Ballet For a woman who revels in the wide world of delicious food, I never t ... More

All Juiced Up February 1, 2014
Detox is radical first step to reprogram my life . . . Day 1 This month, I turn 60. Sixty! I see 60 as the turning point between denial and reality. I can n ... More

Bangkok Garden, Revisited November 26, 2013
Cocktails and small plates on menu at relaunch . . . I remember when Bangkok Garden was an exotic destination on the city’s restaurant map. The iconic restau ... More

Luscious Lemon Curd June 11, 2013
Tangy custard is like a spoonful of sunshine . . . Don’t take the name literally – lemon curd isn’t supposed to be curdled. The chances of it curdling, how ... More

A Puntarelle Project March 27, 2013
Signature salad from Rome is made with chicory shoots . . . When not in Rome, you can still do as the Romans do and prepare puntarelle salad.  There’s a wider ... More

Memories on the Menu August 22, 2012
Old customer crops up at Mr. Greenjeans . . . Nostalgia tastes good. So when I heard Mr. Greenjeans was having an ’80s celebration with ‘80s prices, I c ... More

World Crops For Locavores August 9, 2012
Vineland researchers grow ‘ethno-cultural’ vegetables . . . Want to know what’s cropping up in Ontario agriculture? Check the Vineland Research and Innova ... More

Slow Wine in Niagara August 9, 2012
Vintner transplanted Old World technique . . . They call it “slow wine.” Made with grapes that are partially dried before pressing, slow wine is revered in t ... More

Plum Delicious Experience July 19, 2012
Niagara fruit and wine in a storybook venue . . . Good food and drink is the stuff of memories. Mine were reawakened recently when I whipped up fragrant, fresh plum coolers ... More

Trauma in Apple Orchards July 10, 2012
Crazy weather damaged most of local crop . . . Do you eat an apple a day? Chances are, your apples won’t be local ones this year. Crazy weather caused an estimate ... More

Milking the Experience June 28, 2012
My close encounters with dairy cows . . . I’m afraid of cows. I have this irrational fear that they will trample me. I’m okay with snakes, spiders, mic ... More

A Good Death October 31, 2011
Humane animal husbandry makes meat tastes better . . . Farm animals end up at the abattoir. That’s a fact most modern carnivores don’t like to think about. ... More

Surreal Dining September 2, 2011
Vicarious trip to elBulli leaves me with hungry eyes . . . With 2,000,000 reservation requests for 8,000 places a year, the closest most of us ever got to elBulli was via w ... More

Four Seasons of Prosciutto August 10, 2011
Brampton plant straddles old world, new world . . . The world’s largest prosciutto plant outside of Italy is right in our city’s backyard. Who knew? Th ... More

Steamed Hamburgers July 25, 2011
I try an alternative burger experience . . . Diners are in love with creative burgers nowadays. A local restaurateur hopes the dining public will get all stea ... More

Olive Oil Primer June 9, 2011
A comprehensive guide for confused consumers . . . Confession: I am old enough to remember the days when olive oil was considered exotic in Toronto. Once, at the home of an ... More

Hello Guicoyito May 9, 2011
Mayan version of zucchini arrives in Toronto . . .  Mayan heirloom squash are so cute, I could just eat them up. And I did. Figuring out how was the ... More

Crete's Olive Culture April 26, 2011
Adventures on the olive oil trail in Greece . . . The island of Crete is home to many of the healthiest people in the world. Their secret? Olive oil – t ... More

The Art of Chocolate April 12, 2011
Is there such a thing as too much chocolate? . . . I have a chocolate hangover. Symptoms: Headache, lethargy, intestinal rumblings, a dark view of the world. Oh, ... More

Always Hungary March 31, 2011
A love/hate relationship with my native cuisine . . . Strange, but after deciding to abandon the Toronto Star after 23 years, I started reflecting on my past rather than my ... More


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